ISAA 2016 will focus on bridging adjuvant knowledge from those in industry, academia, and national laboratories in all areas of agrochemicals, from pesticide formulations to effective applications and new complementary technologies.


As the 2016 Symposium is in California, some focus will be given to updated registration requirements for inerts in agrochemicals on the global, national, and local levels.


Our comprehensive symposium programme includes sessions, workshops on
these topics:
Formulation and Adjuvant Technology
Soil Adjuvant Technology
Adjuvants and Formulations for Bio-Pesticides
Regulatory Topics Affecting Agrochemical Formulations
Modelling and Understanding of Adjuvants' Mode of Action
Biological Performance
Future Trends in Adjuvants Research


The programme will also feature a general poster session and technical excursions that will highlight some of the exciting aspects and challenges facing growers in this very diverse agricultural area.