We again experienced a successful ISAA event in 2013 and look forward to another very successful event in 2016. As a community, we anticipate this since the success of the Symposium has been sustained over the course of many years. Across our community, we also understand that one cornerstone for this success is the ongoing generosity and active participation of all our sponsors.


Accordingly, we will call your companies as sponsors again in 2016 to ensure the financial stability of this ISAA Symposium and ISAA Society. Sponsorship is critical to invite important international speakers and reach a wider audience. It also allows for greater participation from academia which may need supplemental funding in order to attend, to allow for the publication of symposium proceedings, and to provide for the variety of resources and events that have helped to make this Symposium stand out as one of the more key events to attend in this area.



The benefits of sponsorship will be commensurate with the chosen sponsorship level which will include Diamond (ISAA 2016 Partner), Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Contributor. Sponsorship will provide exposure of your company name to the delegates and special mention will be made of your sponsorship at the symposium, the banquet and through the website.


Higher levels of sponsorship bring additional opportunities to reach the delegates up to and including your company’s representation on official ISAA 2016 promotions and publications. The highest levels of sponsorship will also include access to premium exhibition locations during the event. Needless to say there are many benefits to becoming a sponsor in addition to seeing the positive impact of your company’s participation toward holding yet another successful and far-reaching event. In one of the most beautiful landscapes of California, the venue of the symposium in the city of Monterey at the Pacific coast, makes the event even more attractive for international participants and from all over the USA.


Becoming a sponsor

We ask all who may be interested in becoming a sponsor of this important event to contact us with your interest. ISAA 2016 has defined the sponsorship opportunities for the triennial event in Monterey, California. Click here to read the sponsorship information in detail (PDF, 3 MB).

Click here for the sponsor application form & contract.


For contact:

Solito Sumulong (Crop Production Services, USA)

Stephen Rall (Evonik, USA)

Bob Condon (Clariant, USA)

Dave Ferguson (Huntsman, USA)

Jon Cartlidge (Battelle, USA)