Organising committee


During your preparations and your stay at the symposium you will be supported by the organising committee (see below). Click here to view the constitution of the scientific committee.




Company / institution


Solito Sumulong Loveland Products USA
Andy Malec Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation USA
Elizabeth Barka SURfaPLUS, ISAA Society The Netherlands
Hans de Ruiter SURfaPLUS The Netherlands
Jerry Diaz CMP, Monterey Bay Venues & Events, Conference Direct USA
Mike Grim TriCord USA
Wolfgang Jilka ConferenceDirect USA
Angie Lauderdale Hyatt Regency Monterey USA

Kyle Lyons

Jackie Mark Winfield US, ISAA Society USA
Tiffany McQueen Borregaard Lignotech USA
Evan Oakes AgVenture Tours USA
Stephen Rall Evonik Goldschmidt USA
Gert van den Berg SURfaPLUS The Netherlands